Your Family Vacation Travel Type!

I have been working as a Designer, Design Researcher, Design Strategist and User Experience Researcher for legacy brands since I left grad school. One thing I have learned from these big companies is, that we (consumers) are bucketed into market segmentation based on our attitudes and behaviors. Based on my research, here are some travelContinue reading “Your Family Vacation Travel Type!”

Thinking about a last minute family vacation…

So the last trip didn’t happen with our lil girl being sick and all… She got the virus, and we pretty much stayed home the entire time we were supposed to be at St. Louis…Oh well… but I really want to another trip before our big trip to Croatia in August! So I just startedContinue reading “Thinking about a last minute family vacation…”

Resources to plan your vacation based on your family travel type

If you are a planner, here are some resources to help you plan:– Our Next Adventure– Wandering Wagars– Alamo– We 3 Travel If you are a escapist, here are some escape resources:– Easy Escapes Travel– Go Way– Groupon (still a good one)– Family Vacation Critic If you are a budget traveler, here are some tipsContinue reading “Resources to plan your vacation based on your family travel type”

Planning our trip to St. Louis!

Now, bear in mind we used to live in St. Louis for a year and a half, so this is a slightly different vacation for us… Travel options: Since it’s 4 1/2 hours away driving vs. 2 hours prior a 1 hour flight, we opted to drive to St. Louis and planning to leave rightContinue reading “Planning our trip to St. Louis!”

We just decided to go on another trip! Did you?

We are going to share how we decide and plan as we go! How did we decide? Well… let’s say it was not easy this time around. We went back and forth about me having a bunch of PTO days left that I cannot carry over to 2020, and I want to go on aContinue reading “We just decided to go on another trip! Did you?”

What happens next after knowing your travel type?

Now that you know your travel type, you can start planning! What does it entail to plan vacation? If you are a planner, this is totally in your wheel house! Plan it like you plan your wedding, but make sure you remember to plan it for your young children as well, not just for you.Continue reading “What happens next after knowing your travel type?”

Family Vacation Resources

Looking for resources to help decide on if you should vacay with your young children, where you should vacay with them, or even what to do when you are on vacay with them? Check out these awesome sites: Vacation Idea Family Vacation Critic Islands Good Housekeeping Trip Savvy Stuffed Suitcase Trivago Magazine The Discoverer WorkingContinue reading “Family Vacation Resources”

Let’s talk about travel comfort level…

What is your comfort level when it comes to traveling with your family with young children? Are you the kind that are comfortable winging it if you forgot to bring your diaper bag out OR are you the kind that would drive all the way home (even if it’s a 30 minute drive) to getContinue reading “Let’s talk about travel comfort level…”

Why does it matter what kind of traveler you are?

Because that affects how you decide, how you plan, and what to do on your vacation with your family. As a planner, how I decide very pragmatic. I like to make sure everything is taken care of ahead of time before the vacation starts. My husband on the other hand, likes to think of whatContinue reading “Why does it matter what kind of traveler you are?”