What goes into planning your family vacation?

What do you need to take into consideration when you plan? Now that you have decided where you will vacay, now you need to plan for the trip! Here are some things you would need to consider when you plan. Travel options: Do you want to travel by air? By water? By land? By rail?Continue reading “What goes into planning your family vacation?”

What happens next after knowing your travel type?

Now that you know your travel type, you can start planning! What does it entail to plan vacation? If you are a planner, this is totally in your wheel house! Plan it like you plan your wedding, but make sure you remember to plan it for your young children as well, not just for you.Continue reading “What happens next after knowing your travel type?”

Family Vacation Resources

Looking for resources to help decide on if you should vacay with your young children, where you should vacay with them, or even what to do when you are on vacay with them? Check out these awesome sites: Vacation Idea Family Vacation Critic Islands Good Housekeeping Trip Savvy Stuffed Suitcase Trivago Magazine The Discoverer WorkingContinue reading “Family Vacation Resources”