The 4 hour plane ride…

Logan was super excited being on the plane for the first time… It was awesome having the window seat as a distraction while we wait for to take off… then it was snack time… Unfortunately for me… Logan shoves his snacks in his mouth like he’s never had food in his lifetime… So even beforeContinue reading “The 4 hour plane ride…”

We made it!!!

Sorry for MIA in the past few weeks… I’ve had a bad cold for the past month and just thought it’s cold that turns out it’s ear and sinus infection… We made it! We are at Cancun!!! Despite the virus at all… We came to Cancun! Let’s take a few steps back and talk aboutContinue reading “We made it!!!”

“Project Managing” our family trip – Part 2

If you don’t know why I’m project managing our Europe trip… check out my previous blog post.So… he received an invite to our Trello board but he has not said a thing…I’m going to have to use other ways to push him to decide! NOW I’m adding due dates to each task! Let’s see ifContinue reading ““Project Managing” our family trip – Part 2″

When you are planning a trip, depending on someone else…

Honestly, to me… planning a trip dependent on someone else is the worst thing ever… As a planner, this is my worse case scenario!!! So you all know we are planning for our big Croatia trip… Because my husband is from the formerly known country Yugoslavia, now Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia, and we have familyContinue reading “When you are planning a trip, depending on someone else…”

Working on our Croatia trip in 2020!

So… after looking at last minute travel options… we opted not to do that since we have to go visit Anel’s family in Croatia and Bosnia. So to the next trip! Planning an International Trip to Europe with Two Under Five! I’m starting my research on things I have to do before our trip withContinue reading “Working on our Croatia trip in 2020!”