The 4 hour plane ride…

Logan in his Wayb car seat

Logan was super excited being on the plane for the first time… It was awesome having the window seat as a distraction while we wait for to take off… then it was snack time…

Unfortunately for me… Logan shoves his snacks in his mouth like he’s never had food in his lifetime… So even before we got to 10 feet elevation, he was done with his snacks…

Note to self: bring MORE snacks for plane ride.

Fact: Book flights around nap time is the best!

Our flight from Chicago was at 10:50am, so after some lunch that we brought on the plane, and some play time with his new toys, he was ready for nap. So I actually for about 1 hour and 45 mins of quiet time. I even had time to use the restroom while he was knocked out.

When he woke up, we still had 45 mins before landing… That was the worse… He was eager to get out of his car seat, he wanted to walk, he was not having it with any of his toys or books or me singing to him. I ended up taking Lena’s snack to stop him from fighting his car seat.

Same thing with on our way back from Cancun. We boarded at 12:20pm, we snack while take off, then I sang to him for 2 seconds and he was out for an hour and a half.

But again when we were about to land, he was up and wanted to walk. He kept saying “all done, all done”. I felt bad especially knowing we are landing in Chicago, there is no guarantee that we will taxi at a gate even when we land… and no toys beats being able to move.
I think my next goal is to find something that the kids can be mobile while being on stuck on the plane… or incorporating them moving around on the airplane.

Another thing worth mentioning is this car seat from Wayb!

I bought it when it was on Kickstarter for the supposing Croatia trip because we have traveled before with Lena’s car seat to Malaysia, and let’s just say… IT WAS A LUGGAGE BY ITSELF!

The WayB was 10X easier to bring along (it folds up), and was 10X easier to install. For the big car seat, Anel had to get on the plane way ahead of time to install it on the plane seat. Whereas for WayB, I just needed to have the plane seat belt behind and tighten it up and all is good!
HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! If you travel a lot by air or by land.

How was your experience flying with an active toddler? Share it with us 🙂

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