We made it!!!

Sorry for MIA in the past few weeks… I’ve had a bad cold for the past month and just thought it’s cold that turns out it’s ear and sinus infection…

Cancun trip!!!

We made it! We are at Cancun!!! Despite the virus at all… We came to Cancun!

Let’s take a few steps back and talk about the steps that got us here…

  1. We talked about going on a budget travel trip because we think Logan won’t make it in a metal tube for long hours (which is pretty accurate since he was tired of being tied down the 4 hours plane ride we had coming to Cancun) and Croatia was going to cost us an arm and a leg that we want to spend on fixing our basement for family to visit
  2. We did research on beach all-inclusive places and read reviews and still couldn’t fully figure out what’s the best place to go
  3. We reached out to a travel agent and didn’t hear back after
  4. Found another travel agent and after many back and forth finally booked the trip for 4 person, all-inclusive resort, 4 nights + flight for $3400
  5. We made an appointment to get Logan’s passport done and received it before the trip
  6. We did research to find things to entertain our active toddler (unlike our other toddler when we flew to Malaysia 3 years ago)
  7. We kept track on things we needed to accomplish

Next was packing… But our packing happened real last minute this time because we were not sure until the day of our flight if we were going to go on a trip or not… The Corona virus incident really threw a wrench in this family trip…
Also check out a previous blog on your family travel must bring/have.

We checked with our travel agent and also other travel insurance and couldn’t figure out anyway to get of the money we already spent on the entire trip… So we risked it and we’ll see what happens.

So fast forward, we are here, enjoying the nice weather, with kids refusing to nap or sleep the first day because they are too excited about being by the ocean and pool.

Kids loving their sunnies

We’ll share our experience with the flight and hotel and the rest of the trip next time 😊

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