We are still on track!

Last time we looked at our Trello board, we just booked our trip.
Since then, we’ve gotten Logan’s passport done and received it (with a high cost attached to it because of our last minute planning)

Now we are getting things ready for the trip!

From our last blog, we mentioned all the things we could bring… but since we are on a budget, we got each kid 2 new items:
1 for the trip there, 1 for the trip back

With Trello, I was able to copy our ‘Things to Bring’ list from previous trips and paste it on the board. SUPER CONVENIENT.
We’ll have to edit the list a little since Logan is no longer on breast milk, but it’s easier than creating a whole new list.

If you need help figuring out what to bring, reference this ‘Hierarchy of needs‘ blog I wrote for our last trip.

Share with us your packing experience!

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