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Passport for lils – the EXPERIENCE

Prepping for passport photo being taken
(was warned about no picture taking after taking this picture)

Last time we talked about getting Logan’s passport done.
We did it!

  1. Turned up before our appointment time
  2. Turned in our application form, original birth certificate and photocopies of our IDs
  3. Sat him down to get his passport photo taken
  4. Took an oath that we filled up his application and said the truth on the form
  5. Paid for the service
  6. Got a receipt

All done in 15 minutes time.

Honestly, it is very convenient to have his picture taken at the post office. If he were any younger, this might not be a good idea, but it worked out really well.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND having pictures taken at the post office if they offer the service.

The prepping part is probably the most time consuming:

How was your passport prepping experience?

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