Time to revisit Passport for Lils!

Now that we are going on an international trip for reals, we need to get Logan’s passport done ASAP!
We wrote about Passport for the lils awhile back while researching on that… Now we get to do it for real!

Scheduling Passport Appointment

We learned that we could actually get passport photos done at USPS at the same appointment!

Check out the Passport Photo Hours!
You can schedule an appointment with Photo Services!

We made an appointment for New Passport with Photo Services for next week.
We’ll keep you updated on how that experience went 🙂

Processing Time

In the meantime, after filling up the form, we learned that we would need to expedite the passport…

Source: Travel State Gov

Normal routine passport processing time is 6-8 weeks, and that does not include shipping…
So in order for us to get Logan’s passport done, we’ll need to expedite it and do express shipping.


Passport book (Valid for all international travel by air, land, and sea) = $80
Expedited processing method (Processed in 2-3 weeks door-to-door) = $60
1-2 Days delivery (Delivery costs for new passport book. Your supporting documents may be returned by First Class Mail) = $17.13
It all comes down to…

Total Payable to Department of State$157.13
Execution Fee
Payable to Acceptance Facility

Lesson learned…
Could have saved up $80…

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