When the travel agent does not come back to you…

In our last blog, we talked about reaching out to All-Inclusive Resort to maybe have a travel agent help us get the best deal and avoid those ‘gotcha’s’.

Anel spoke to them on Friday, their friendly agent Brian said it’s common that booking All-inclusive resorts options are limited online, so people often opt to have travel agents help them out.
He also mentioned he would get back to Anel by Saturday because their office would be close on Sunday.

TODAY IS MONDAY! We have yet to hear back from him over the phone, and over email.

So back to square one! And worse of all, since the dates are coming up soon… prices are going up! URGH…

Found a few more All-inclusive travel agent sites to try:

  • Liberty Travel gives you the option to make an appointment and talk to someone, OR have them communicate with you via email. I opted for email communication because I really don’t have time to do this when I’m at work.
  • Travel Leaders provides you with a list of agents that can help you with your vacation

There are more sites that we looked at… but they look kinda outdated… so I’m not sure if I’ll contact them. Anel jokingly said they look like we’ll get spammed… 😀

Will update everyone again. Anel will give All-inclusive resort one more call tomorrow, if we don’t hear anything back, then “Bye Felicia”.

Liberty Travel sent me an email confirmation… so we shall see if we more information in 24 hours…

Confirmation email from Liberty Travel

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