He decided… We are not going :'(

The day he decided we are not going…

So after all that planning, all that project management work… he decided we should not go…
His rationale:

  • Logan is way too active now to be stuck in a tub for 11 hours… (he took his own pants on within 5 minutes of being home)
  • The trip will be way too expensive in total because renting a car is crazy expensive for 18 days…
  • Have not found a rental place that clear us driving across the border from Croatia to Bosnia…
  • If we spend our savings, we could spend it on updating our basement instead of going for a trip that will be extra stressful…

OK!!! So all of these are legit reasons…
Obviously I am disappointed… but I cannot imagine having to have Logan sit for more than an hour…
Does that mean we should not travel next year??? HELL NO!!!

Now we have to switch modes to being budget travelers for 2020

No big trip, then I’ll start planning two smaller trips!
Where do I even start??? Google… “Budget family travel 2020”
Here’s what I have initially found:

It seems like there’s a few things to decide:

  • When do we want to go?
  • How far do we want to travel, in a car or on a plane or via train?
  • How much are we willing to sacrifice routine and schedules?
  • How important is it to have something to do with the kids?
  • What are you kids interested in doing or like to do?
  • Which part would you want to save most money on? Travel or accommodation or activities?

Going to talk to the hubby about this! How do you make IT happen?
Share your experience with us!

2 thoughts on “He decided… We are not going :'(

  1. Nooooo… I was so excited for your trip! So many cool stories I am sure. Oh well, I bet Logan is too mobile to want to sit still.

    1. us too! But Logan is WAY too active… he can barely sit in the stroller for 5 mins… car rides are horrible now if it’s more than 20mins!

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