When you are planning a trip, depending on someone else…

Honestly, to me… planning a trip dependent on someone else is the worst thing ever… As a planner, this is my worse case scenario!!!

So you all know we are planning for our big Croatia trip… Because my husband is from the formerly known country Yugoslavia, now Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia, and we have family spread around that region. I have to pretty much rely on him to decide on:

  • When are we going?
  • Where are we going?
  • How are we going from Croatia and Bosnia?
  • What will the trip look like?
  • What will the kids be doing besides visiting family?
  • Who do we need to visit and see while we are there?
  • Which are done spots we need to see?

I’m trying to figured out how to not choke him with his indecisiveness and his lack of planning…

They’re must be some way to get this ball rolling…

I’m going to experiment using my project management skills to “manage” my stakeholders (aka my husband).

Treating this as a business project might make me feel better about this situation where I feel restless and not able to move things forward. I’ll keep everyone updated with my project managing experience!

How do you collaborate with others when you are planning your family vacay? Share your experience with us!

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