Passport for the lils!

Doing research on US passports application!

STEP 1 for international trip…. APPLY FOR PASSPORT!
Without a passport, who cares about Visas…

So, 3 years ago, we took Lena to Malaysia when she was 18 months old. We went through this process… but I completely forgot what I actually did 😀 (mom brain after the second kid is bad…)
Did some quick research… and here’s what I’ve found:

  • Did you know that young children passport expires every 5 years?
    In fact, it says “Passports for children under 16 are only valid for 5 years.”
    Make sure you check their passports AND your passport at least 6 months before you travel! We had to check and make sure we don’t have to renew ours and hers (*phew* one last thing to do)
  • You can start your application process online!
    US Department of State walks you through step by step how to apply for your young children and yourself!
  • Did you know both parents need to be present for your appointment?
    Here’s the list of things to bring with you for your appointment
    • DS-11 form
    • Original birth certificate with both parents name
    • A photocopy of birth certificate (black and white, single sided)
    • Parents ID
    • A photocopy of parents ID (front and back, original size, single sided)
    • Both parents consent
    • Passport photo
    • Passport fee (application fee is separate from execution (acceptance) fee
  • Passport photo requirement for kids are pretty low…
    As long as they are full face visible (no paci), facing forward with correct lighting, eyes open (or somewhat open), neutral facial expression, hair away from face, white background
    You can go to these places to take your passport photo… OR
    You can also make your passport photo yourself! And it’s actually better for infants (lay them on a white sheet as background or white sheet on car seat works too!)
Photo requirement for lils…

Here’s what we will be doing over the holiday break 😛
How did your passport experience go with your young children? Share them with us!

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