Working on our Croatia trip in 2020!

Photo source: World Travel Guide

So… after looking at last minute travel options… we opted not to do that since we have to go visit Anel’s family in Croatia and Bosnia. So to the next trip!

Planning an International Trip to Europe with Two Under Five!

I’m starting my research on things I have to do before our trip with two… We have traveled to Malaysia with Lena when she was 18 months… so I vaguely remember what are things we need to do… but it’s a very lean list for now…

  • Check on passport expiration dates
  • Do we need a Visa?
  • Passport for Logan! Which means passport photo time as well!
  • Do research on airline young children guidelines
  • Buy flight tickets!
  • Get travel insurance!
  • Rent vehicle!
  • Research on hotel vs. Airbnb vs. VRBO…

I’ll be sharing more on my research findings soon on things to prep before an international trip! Stay tune!

What are you tips and tricks in traveling internationally with your young children? Share them with us!

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