Your Family Vacation Travel Type!

Mapping activity with Sylver Consulting in 2014 at my old job

I have been working as a Designer, Design Researcher, Design Strategist and User Experience Researcher for legacy brands since I left grad school.
One thing I have learned from these big companies is, that we (consumers) are bucketed into market segmentation based on our attitudes and behaviors.

Using the same concept here of marketing segmentation but flipping it the other way around!
As a traveler, knowing your travel type allows you to find the right company and resources to kickstart your family vacation planning!

Based on my research, here are some travel types:

You like things organize… that’s an understatement! You LOVE doing your own research and organizing information in a way that you can talk to your family about! You have planned your own wedding, and actually enjoyed doing it! You plan your family’s weekend activities and you do so with pride šŸ™‚

You want your family to escape from your busy hectic daily life that you have and just go do something completely different, relaxing and fun! You might like planning for an escape, and/or sometimes doing impromptu family escapes! All-inclusive resorts are something you dig!

Even though you want to travel with your young children, you are financially conscious about how, where and what you spend your money on. There are resources out there specifically for budget travelers like you! You leverage your network to plan trips where your friends and family are located to save money on accommodation.

You LOVE learning about cultures and are always curious about what else can you learn about people and their backgrounds. You watch YouTube videos and Netflix documentaries on cultural food, and other people’s travel experiences. And you think it’s really important that your young children travel with you to be exposed to all kinds of people and culture.

You go with the flow and are not usually in a rush to go anywhere other than enjoy the moment and taking in what you are seeing in your own pace! There’s no agenda, no real reason to go somewhere, except going with the flow. You are definitely NOT a person who would enjoy going on tour packages with strict timeframes.

You rather spend more money and have a great experience than regret not having the full experience later. You emphasize on having a great food, amazing stay and wonderful adventure for you and your family. It’s important for you that your family gets the best of the best experience they get when they travel.

You want consensus on where you go, how you go, when you go, and what to do when you plan your family vacation. You prefer everyone to be happy on the trip than to just please one person in the family. You might even plan to have separate activities to happen at the same time for different people.

Hopefully this list helps you understand who you are so you can find out what are some resources and companies would be your go-to to start getting your young family travel!
And of course, you could be more than one type of traveler. The more you know about your travel type/s, the more you get to travel with your young family šŸ™‚

So, what is your travel type? Share your travel type with us!
If you need help to find out, check out this quiz that I created.

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