Dealing with unpredictable circumstances…

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So… we all were all excited, decided to go on vacation before the holiday season, planned the whole thing, bought and packed stuff… and then lil girl comes home with a slight fever from school…

The original plan was… Leave right after lunch on Friday so we can avoid traffic. They will nap in the car for half the trip, stop over at Bloomington or Springfield for a break, and continue on to St. Louis and we’ll be there right at dinner time! The perfect plan!

Now, we have to play by ear!

First we thought, ok, maybe she will feel better the next day after some Motrin…
Nope! She had low grade fever all night and woke up multiple times!
Then we thought, maybe one home day will make her feel better and we could go on Saturday, worse case scenario, we lose one day vacation day…
NOPE! Low grade fever continuous! Actually it was 103.5F, not bad enough that doctors will do something, but she was BURNING!

Time to change gameplan…

First of all… note to self (and others), if Motrin does not work, try Tylenol! That helped with the 103.5F!
Second, went on Airbnb to cancel our reservation (hoping to not completely have all the money go in a wash)

Did you know that with Airbnb, “hosts set the cancellation policies that guests can book with”.
So definitely check out the cancellation policy of your accommodation before reserving a spot.
You’ll find this visual of cancellation at the bottom left of Airbnb listing. Like this:

So we actually got lucky and got half our money back! *Phew*

But guess what we forgot! We were going to rent some equipment from BabyQuip and totally forgot about that!
Good thing we got a text from them 30mins before delivery:

You can totally see my “Oh shit” reaction. Someone will be delivering my stuff to the Airbnb I cancelled in the middle of the night!

I am glad Felicia from Babyquip text messaged me. This could have been so bad if they were at the door and my cancelled Airbnb host had to call me to ask me wtf is going on…

We didn’t get any refunds for Babyquip… but it’s on the cancellation policy.

You win some you lose some…
Note to self: Next time, maybe try to remember all the things you made reservations for? Or hopefully companies will help send reminders a day before on your reservations 😛

So this was a small trip with an unpredictable last minute cancellation… I can’t imagine our next big trip going to Croatia having to go through this whole cancellation process!

What are your experiences with last minute cancellation due to unpredictable circumstances? Share with us your experience!

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