Family Trip Planning Checklist and MUST Bring!

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Planning for your family vacation is not an easy task, but the way we have done it is to split it up to:

We have talked about task that we have to accomplish before the trip, now let’s talk about packing for the trip!

When you Google, there are plenty of resources to help with packing for the trip. Some resources include:

Even Microsoft Office created an excel template on Vacation Checklist!

Based on what I have seen, it all boils down to what are things you HAVE to bring, and what are things you can buy or rent there.

And when we are talking about things we have to bring, what are the things that are crucial to survive traveling with your young kids. Maslow hierarchy of needs shows the 3 different level of needs: Basic needs, Psychological needs, and Self-fulfillment needs.

Maslow Hierarchy of Needs

Let’s talk about the most important need for us… BASIC NEEDS:

  • What are food and drinks you are your young children need?
    • AND the equipment and tools for food and drinks that goes with that?
  • What are somethings that will keep you and your family healthy and warm?
  • What are somethings that will help you and your family rest?
  • What are somethings that will make your young children feel safe and secure?

How do you plan on packing for the trip? Share your experience with us by commenting below.

And we will share our packing list soon for our St. Louis trip!

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