Making your travel plans happen!

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  • Have you made up your mind on your family travel choice?
    • Are you flying, driving, taking the train or bus?
  • Have you decided on where your family is staying at?
    • Are you staying at a hotel, rental home or friends/family?
  • Have you confirm how your family will be traveling when you are on your trip?
    • Are you using your own vehicle, renting a vehicle or taking local transportation to travel around locally?
  • Have you made reservation and booked your travel, accommodation, local transportation?
  • Have you figured out what you need to buy for your family trip?
  • Have you thought of what to pack for your family trip?
    • What are the must bring for your family?
    • What are some nice to have for your family?
  • Have you thought of what your family will be doing on trip?
    • What would make those adventures easy for your family?

And since I am a planner, I use Trello a project management tool to work with my husband on planning the trip. He gets to decide what he want to expose the kids to, I get to plan his

We got confirmation on our Airbnb, confirm rental on some baby equipments from BabyQuip. I’m going to see if we can make early pre-registration to the Magic House and the Arc that he mentioned he would like to do.

We are so close!

How about you? How do you make your trip happen?

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