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Almost travel time for us! What now?

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As a planner, I’m starting to think of all the other stuff I need to do, buy, and get ready before our trip!

We have a 4 year old and a 15 month old… so some things I’m looking at includes:

I’ve always been a person that brought all our own stuff, but now it’s getting too much to bring everything. So I am starting to do research on renting some stuff…

Did you know you could rent all kinds of stuff? Have you heard of these services?

We now can even rent a gate, toys and baby monitor for our Airbnb!

Lots of people now trying to help make traveling with young children a better experience! Let’s leverage these resources and expose our kids to more!
Thank you @babysawaycorporate, @BabyQuip, @rentbabyequipment, and @babiesgetaway for making traveling with young children a less stressful one!

Again, I don’t work for these companies. I have not tried them yet, but will be doing that soon for this trip 😛 I’ll keep you all updated on that experience 🙂

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