Planning our trip to St. Louis!

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Now, bear in mind we used to live in St. Louis for a year and a half, so this is a slightly different vacation for us…

Travel options: Since it’s 4 1/2 hours away driving vs. 2 hours prior a 1 hour flight, we opted to drive to St. Louis and planning to leave right after lunch (aka nap time!)

Package deals: Neh… not for us… We are practically locals there, so we know where to go

Accommodation options: For us, hands down rental home. We tried hotel before, and with a then baby, he had no place to crawl… And now that he will be 16 months when we travel, we’ll needs space for him to roam around the house.

Local transportation options: We won’t need this since we are driving there.

And as we are planning, since I’m a planner… I’m already thinking of all the things we have to bring, all the activities we want to do, and people we want to meet! So here are a few more things to add on to your planning list

Things to bring: Stroller, snacks, sippy cups, travel crib, their sleep buddies, sound machine, enough entertainment for home base (new and old)… I’ll probably start a checklist of things we need to bring knowing the planner that I am šŸ˜›

Activities to do: St. Louis is our old turf… so we didn’t need to do research on this. Zoo, botanical garden, Magic House, City museum, the Arch… so many things to do

People to meet: Old friends, family friends…

Anything else that we missed? What do you take into consideration when you plan? Share with us how you plan your vacay!

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