We just decided to go on another trip! Did you?

Picture Source: St. Louis, MO

We are going to share how we decide and plan as we go!

How did we decide?

Well… let’s say it was not easy this time around. We went back and forth about me having a bunch of PTO days left that I cannot carry over to 2020, and I want to go on a trip with the kids before the holiday season. But Anel has a business trip coming up end of October, so when would we go before crazy holiday season… the only time we can do it, is early November!

So ask yourself… Do you and your partner have time to take off?

Time to vacation decided! Now what?
Where should we go? Since I am a planner, and he’s a cultural advocate… I don’t really care where we go, I just need him to decide so I can plan 😛

Know your travel type to help you decide, plan, and figure out the rest of the trip!

He decided that we should save money for our big trip next year to Croatia… so we are going to St. Louis to visit friends, go to the amazing St. Louis zoo, and eat at our old hangout spots!

Understand your travel budget to help with planning!

In the next post, I’ll share our planning journey! Stay tune!
In the meantime… find out your travel type here!
And share your experience deciding and planning for your family vacation!

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