What happens next after knowing your travel type?

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Now that you know your travel type, you can start planning!

What does it entail to plan vacation?

If you are a planner, this is totally in your wheel house! Plan it like you plan your wedding, but make sure you remember to plan it for your young children as well, not just for you.

If you are a escapist, you can plan a vacation that allows you and your young family to escape from your busy life. Just make sure you bring some things with you in case they get bored with doing nothing 🙂

If you are a budget traveler, plan what you are comfortable with. Leverage your network to save on accommodation expenses.

If you are a cultural advocate, find out what you and your partner want to expose your young children to and plan accordingly. Your young children are at the prime age of absorbing information!

If you are a free spirit animal, you can just skip this step 😛 You got this! Everything will be fine…

If you are a spender, plan what you want to spend your money at most. Do you want emphasize your experience where you will be staying or what you eat or what your want to experience?

If you are a pleaser, ask your friends and family if they have any suggestions. Also gather your family’s recommendation and discuss with them what is the best plan to move forward with.

Have you done the quiz yet? If not, click here to understand what is your family vacation travel type.

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