Let’s talk about travel comfort level…

What is your comfort level when it comes to traveling with your family with young children?

Are you the kind that are comfortable winging it if you forgot to bring your diaper bag out OR are you the kind that would drive all the way home (even if it’s a 30 minute drive) to get the diaper bag?

In your last trip with your kids, did you pack bare minimum to travel OR did you pack 4 big bags of clothes, toys, etc.

Would you feel comfortable bringing your kids to Disneyland OR would you feel more comfortable bringing them to a resort pool?

Are you more comfortable going hiking with your young children OR you would feel better if go for a walk in the city with them?

Examples of comfort spectrums

These are some examples of ways to look at your own comfort level. This could help you figure out where to vacay 🙂

On our last vacation, we decided to stay closer to our most comfortable level of travel by driving somewhere that is 2 hours away from home.

What about you? Share your comfort level and vacay experience 🙂

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