I’m a planner, he’s a cultural explorer… and our kids are…

anything we want them to be! (since they don’t know yet :P)

Just to give you all some context about us.

Me: I am a Senior User Experience Researcher at Allstate. I do research to help make better insurance experiences for people. A part of my job, is to conduct secondary research, which is: Collect information that exist out there > Make sense of the information > and Share the information in a manner that makes sense to others to inform them of my findings.

It’s similar to how I share information with you all on my blog. 🙂

I actually enjoy doing research and planning things. I am the planner.

My husband: Has been a Facilities Director at multiple Senior Living facilities for years. He has always been and continues to be fascinated by stories that the seniors share. A lot of these stories include their travels. He loves having conversations about culture.

Our kids… UNDETERMINED travelers 😛

Together, we try to expose our kids to planned vacations (like a Chicago weekend trip to the Shedd Aquarium) and laidback trips where we just hang with locals (our St. Louis trip).

How about you? What kind of traveler are you and how does that affect how you vacay?

In our next blog, we’ll share how who we are as travelers affect how we decide and plan our vacation 🙂

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