Should we go on vacation?

Logan is wondering…

The weather is finally nice… It’s been awhile since we went on a vacation… But now we have two kids!!! It’s not that simple!

The question finally came… “Should we go on vacation?” and “Are we ready to go on vacation with TWO lil kids?”

It’s time to decide…

So how do you decide if you should go on vacation or not? And how do you know if you are ready for vacation with young children?

Our answer is… if you want to create memories with your children elsewhere… YES!

We’ve learned the hard way that there’s no such thing is ready for vacation… We’ve tried planning ahead of time (10 months ahead of time for our first international trip with Lena), and last minute day trips with Lena and Logan (just to Chinatown)… There’s always something that will go wrong or you forgot or will make you cringe.

BUT… the memories we have created with the kids… priceless! And that’s all we should remind ourselves.

I know… easier said than done…. UNTIL YOU TRY IT!

Have you decided to go on vacation with your young kids yet this year?

Do you need some convincing? Here are some articles and blogs from others talking about why it’s never too early to travel with your young children:

Please share your experience on how you decided to go on vacation!

In the next blog, we’ll share our experience deciding to vacay. Stay tune!

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