Hello families with young children!


We are the Yong-Kulasic clan 🙂 A family with two young children that (parents) loves to travel!

Anel (the hubs) is from Croatia, and grew up in Germany. And me (Jus) is born and bred Malaysian, and did her undergrad in Australia.

Both of us grew up traveling a lot and are the beneficiaries of timeless memories with our families. And now that it’s our turn to be parents, we want to try to do the same for our kids.

Hence this blog 🙂

We have been and are trying to travel more with our kids. We understand how stressful it can be to travel with two young kids and want to encourage others with young kids to travel more.

So please join us on your journey of discovery and hope it inspires your young family to travel too 🙂

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